our approach

The personal safety and health of each employee of our organization is of primary importance.  We believe that our employees are our most important assets and that their safety at the worksite is our greatest responsibility.  The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity whenever necessary.  Management will provide all mechanical and physical facilities required for the personal safety and health of each of its employees.

At UniBuild, we believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every one of our projects through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs.

To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitude toward injury and illness prevention on the part of corporate management, supervisors, and employees.  It also requires cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between corporate management, supervisor and employees, but also between each employee and their fellow workers.

Our concern for safety and health of all human beings is daily, even hourly.  We expect every person who conducts the affairs of our company, no matter in what capacity they function, to accept this concern and its responsibility.  Rules of conduct and rules of safety and health must be observed.

Cooperation between our employees and management in the observance of this policy will ensure safe-working conditions, will help result in accident-free performance and will work to our mutual advantage. 

Management has the authority to procure the necessary resources to execute the objectives of our company’s safety and health program.  We will hold managers, supervisors and employees accountable for meeting their responsibilities so that essential tasks will be performed.

Every employee has stop-work-authority. If it’s not safe, don’t do it. We also ask our subcontractors to adopt our commitment to safety, health, and environment. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations.

our hse manual

Safety is based on knowledge, skill and an attitude of care and concern.Supervisors should instruct each worker about the correct and proper procedures for performing each task.This should familiarize the worker with the potential hazards of doing the tasks and advise him or her as to how such hazards can be minimized or eliminated.It is very important that we at UniBuild know about safe work practices and follow them.

In this essence, we have developed a comprehensive HSE manual that is implemented and enforced on all our projects. Please check the link to overview our HSE manual.